The Art of ... Larry D. McRae
 The Art of ...                   Larry D. McRae   

About the artist

After raising a family and operating his business over the years, Larry has found as a new empty nester, that his love for art was still running strong but, maybe just put on the back burner. As everyone can relate, life, family and work, always seem to take every waking moment and not regretably by any means! Sometimes change occurs just through the natural development of ones life and sometimes that change allows a little extra time to pursue a joy that still remains...and for Larry....the love of developing new and original art!


In reality, Larry's desire for originality, artistry and creativeness continues through his work at McRae & Co., a Residential and Commercial Design Company, located in Kernersville, North Carolina.


With a great appreciation and love for architecture, his work in original oil paintings capture some of those qualities, many times unappreciated. Instead of just painting a full structure, which is typical for most artists, Larry would rather capture several aspects of the architecture of a structure in multiple paintings and veiw points, accentuating an element of an interesting portico, gable, pergola or arbor and give it the attention it deserves!


Larry also has a desire to capture actual, real life locations and landscapes that are "real" places that are recognizable to those familiar. That is why many have commissioned him for locations, structures and family homeplaces that are sentimental for someone to embrace a piece of art that is meaningful for years and generations to come!



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